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Proudly serving western Pennsylvania, our methadone clinics provide adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

Benefits of Individual Therapy for Opioid Abuse

In order for an individual to successfully defeat an addiction to opioids, he or she must receive effective treatment for both the emotional and physical components of the addiction. Treating only the physical compulsion to abuse opioids without also addressing the psychological issues that may have led the individual to engage in this behavior in the first place would not put the individual in the best position to achieve long-term abstinence. Because of this, individuals must unearth and treat these underlying factors in order to successfully progress toward a substance-free future.

Once patients understand what led them to abuse opioids in the first place, they are better prepared to progress toward an addiction-free future. Our team of experts provides patients with customized plans of treatment that meet their unique treatment goals and needs.

At Western Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers, medication assisted treatment provides patients with the opportunity to eliminate the physical symptoms of withdrawal, and individual therapy enables patients to receive support and treatment for the psychological aspects of their addictive behaviors.

Western Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide patients with the opportunity to take part in a customized treatment experience that includes guidance from a team of experienced professionals. Individual therapy provides patients with the opportunity to openly discuss their emotions and behaviors with counselors who are specifically trained in the field of addiction and recovery. Individual sessions also provide the opportunity to work through any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the course of treatment.

Patients are able to receive the following benefits from incorporating individual therapy into their treatment program:

  • Identifying past traumatic events that may have contributed to a patient’s initial abuse of opioids
  • Developing new understandings of both the obvious and underlying causes of one’s addictive behaviors
  • Establishing new and healthy ways in which to handle stressful situations that do not include the abuse of opioids
  • Handling successes and setbacks throughout the course of treatment in a healthy manner
  • Developing new ways in which to avoid or address future situations in which opioid use may be available and tempting
  • Creating new short- and long-term goals for oneself

Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation for Opioid Abuse Recovery

Patients who incorporate individual therapy into their treatment program are more likely to experience the following during their time with Western Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers:

  • Increased levels of self-confidence
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Increased sense of self-awareness

Please contact Western Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers today if you or someone that you care for is struggling with an addiction to opioids and would benefit from our all-inclusive treatment approach. We are here to assist you in taking your first steps toward lasting recovery.